SPIN Etiquette

Rules to Live by When Using SPIN

When using the SPIN Network, we ask that you keep in mind that this site is a social network, visited by individuals interested in landscaping, most of whom are professionals in the field. Here at SPIN, we want all members to feel welcome and to share in the many peer exchanges offered. For this to be possible, we ask the following of all SPIN members:

  1. Keep blog posts and discussions respectful and related to SPIN. This means nothing that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, offensive or obscene will be tolerated. The SPIN administrator reserves the right to remove disrespectful or inappropriate content at any time.
  2. Only post pictures and videos that are relevant to the discussion and content provided on the site. Please keep personal photos of kids, pets or family limited to your personal member profile.
  3. SPIN is not a platform to sell or advertise your products or services, nor is it a dating site. Please use other social networks for such purposes.

To report an issue, contact the SPIN Administrator.

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