Children spend a huge percentage of their time at school. Since children can be vulnerable to rodents and stinging insects, and especially vulnerable to the chemicals that are used to control them, it is crucial to keep a healthy school environment, both indoors and outdoors.

A recent project documented by the IPM Institute demonstrated that schools with quality Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policies have reduced pesticide use more than 90% while successfully managing pest problems. On top of this, school districts are discovering that IPM can reduce financial costs as well as environmental ones. Here you’ll find information on school IPM policies, management techniques, and other topics related to pesticide reduction in schools.

Recent Articles:

Looking for Feedback on an Integrated Pest Management Video

Looking for Feedback on an Integrated Pest Management Video

General IPM / Pest Prevention / Schools

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) created an online training video “Integrated Pest Management and Health Inspections.” NCAP has created this Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspection video for... Read More ››

Free Organic Land Care Learning Session

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IPM for Mice – Trapping

IPM for Mice – Trapping

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IPM for Mice – Sanitation

IPM for Mice – Sanitation

General IPM / Housing / Pest Prevention / Schools / Techniques / Videos

This is a video from NCAP on sanitation practices for mouse control in urban buildings. It is the second video in a three-part series. See the other videos in this series:... Read More ››

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More Resources:

California Healthy Schools Act – AB 2260 – California’s IPM bill

Cost of IPM in Schools – Examples of cost-effective school IPM programs.

Failing Health: Pesticide Use in California Schools – A survey of pesticide use in many California school districts.

Green Schools Within Reach: Moving Beyond the Healthy Schools Act of 2000 – 2011 report detailing the status of California’s progress towards protecting children from pesticides at schools.

Healthy Schools Pesticide Action Kit – A website offering information on pesticides and how to effectively address pesticide use in your school.

IPM in Schools – Oregon State University’s program page for IPM in Oregon schools. Includes information on state regulations and OSU IPM initiatives.

Learning Curve: Charting Progress on Pesticide Use and the Healthy Schools Act – A report that reviews compliance with the Healthy Schools Act across California’s school districts.

Northern Burlington County Regional School District IPM Plan – A school district-wide IPM plan from Burlington, Vermont.

Oregon SB 637 – Oregon’s IPM bill

“P” is for Poison: Update on Pesticide Use in California Schools – A report analyzing pesticide use in the 15 largest school districts in California.

Pesticide Use by the Seattle School District – A report on pesticide use by the Seattle School District from 1996-1997.

Restoring Healthy School Landscapes – A handbook for installing natural landscapes around schools. Focused on preventative strategies for herbicide reduction.

Safer Schools: Achieving a Healthy Learning Environment Through Integrated Pest Management – Case studies documenting the implementation of safer pest management practices by 27 school districts and schools in 19 states.

Sample School IPM Policy – Sample language for an ecologically-based school IPM policy.

Sample School Integrated Pest Management Plan – A sample school IPM plan published by the University of Vermont Extension, 2003.

The Schooling of State Pesticide Laws – A state by state examination of school pesticide use laws.

Unthinkable Risk: How Children Are Exposed and Harmed When Pesticides Are Used at School – An analysis of the risks posed to children by routine pesticide use in schools. Includes case studies and policy recommendations.

Western Region School IPM Workgroup – The Western Region School IPM Implementation and Assessment Work Group provides a focal point for interactive communication and collaboration by school IPM stakeholders and change agents throughout the West.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way – An essay on pesticide use and pesticide reduction in schools. Includes information on parent and staff involvement as well as school IPM resources.

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