By Natalie Miller (originally posted 7/11/2010)

“Sustainable [park] design starts with the big picture. Any park project, no matter how large or how small, must be considered within its surrounding context. Designers should treat landscapes as interdependent and interconnected spaces that share systems of soil, water, vegetation, and topography. By understanding these larger patterns and employing a holistic approach, we can design in a way that helps repair and restore ecosystems rather than detract from them,” says Tara Byler of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

To find out more about Byler’s approach to sustainable park design, check out the article, Designing In The Green: An Approach To Sustainable Park Design.

*** Tara Byler is a project manager and landscape designer at MIG, Inc. in Portland, Oregon. A core value of her work includes finding balance between the natural and built worlds while creating places in which humans and the environment can co-exist harmoniously –