Proudly Plotting Pesticide-free Places

Proudly Plotting Pesticide-free Places

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Last September, the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County, WA launched an interactive online map detailing outdoor recreation areas in the county that are either pesticide-free or pesticide-reduced. Beginning with five initial areas, the map has exploded... Read More »

Everett neighborhood experiments with pesticide-free park

Parks / Policy / Weed Control

Lowell Park’s neighbors get their hands dirty in Everett experiment By Debra Smith, Herald Writer Megan Dunn, neighborhood organizer in Everett, WA EVERETT — Megan Dunn’s anti-chemical crusade began after she spotted masked workers spraying at the park near... Read More »

Ashland Cuts Use of Synthetic Pesticides

Parks / Pesticides

By Vickie Aldous for the Mail Tribune The Parks and Recreation Department cut its use of synthetic pesticides almost in half from 2009 to 2010, and now plans to use only organic pesticides on most park property starting this... Read More »

Community Meeting on New IPM Policy


By Kathryn Goldman (originally posted 3/21/2011) Last week, 25 representatives from local government, state agencies, environmental groups and local landscaping companies attended Pesticide Action Network BC’s community meeting on Integrated Pest Management. As host and facilitator, my goals were... Read More »

Pesticide-free Parks Expand in Ashland


By Josh Vincent (originally posted 3/2/2011) Great news for Ashland park goers! Ashland Parks and Recreation informed us today that as of February 28, 2011, a new pesticide use policy was adopted that limits herbicide use strictly to organic... Read More »

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